-We deal specifically in short stories. The definition of short story is debatable but a rough guide would be anything above 1000 word and below 7000.

-You must have the rights to the story. If your story has been sold under first rights exclusive, you may need to check with your publisher to ensure you are allowed to re-publish. If in doubt please contact your publisher. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the rights to allow us to publish your story.

-We are not a paying market. Our ethos is to grow the short fiction market by providing a free service to authors and readers alike.

-We are open to multiple submissions but only one per form submission.

Before submitting anything please listen to what we have produced so far to familiarise yourself with the kind of story that we publish.

Do you fancy yourself as a good reader? We are always looking for good voice actors who are willing to perform readings of WordPunk stories.

Requirements are simple. All you need is a good voice, a decent mic, a PC or Mac and an internet connection.

To audition simply record a passage of a story (preferably one that demonstrates your ability) and submit it using this process.

Keep the reading below 2 minutes and save the audio file as either MP3 or Wav. You may need to zip the file if you use WAV.

If in doubt submit!

WordPunk is free to all our readers/listeners, we are not a paying market.